Our wedding party

Bobbi Jo's attendants
  • Kate Duske, Maid Of Honor
    Kate and Bobbi met in Spokane, WA while Kate was studying to be a pastry chef at SCC. The two became fast friends after meeting at Waddell's Pub for Thursday night trivia, where they quickly learned they had many things in common (such as being surprisingly terrible at trivia), and that they are both members of the Alpha Phi sorority. Kate is an incredibly talented cake decorator and is currently a student at the Culinary Institute of America in NYC.
  • Tasia Duske, Bridesmaid
    Tasia Duske is Kate's twin:) She and Bobbi also met in Spokane while Tasia was finishing up her masters degree in psychology at Eastern University. Tasia is a very spontaneous and adventurous soul who brings a positive energy to every situation. She also loves giving back to charity and spent two summers volunteering to help kids in Haiti. Tasia is currently living in Hawaii (lucky her!) with her fiance.
  • Stasia Burrington, Bridesmaid
    Stasia is Bobbi Jo's sister-in-law. She is a very talented artist with a successful etsy website and has her art on display and for sale in several art shows in the Seattle area. She and Bobbi Jo's brother Nick are living in downtown Seattle.
  • Kearstyn Leu, Bridesmaid
    Kearstyn is one of Bobbi Jo's closest pals from Flathead High School. The two met in band class (Kearstyn played flute and Bobbi Jo played clarinet), but their friendship really solidified from long bus trips to speech and debate tournaments. Kearstyn is a recent graduate from John Hopkin's University and is working as a Nurse Practitioner in Seattle, WA.
  • Ashley Rogers-Thompson, Bridesmaid
    Ashley is Bobbi Jo's closest friend from University of Montana. They met in an immunology class, and soon became study buddies for many upper division science classes. Ashley and her husband Aaron moved out to Spokane a couple years after Bobbi Jo when Ashley got a job as a med tech at the Inland Northwest Blood Center. Through the years, their friendship has continued to grow, as they are always there for each other through life's big events. Ashley and Aaron are the proud parents of two beautiful kids; a little girl named Grace, and their newest addition, a baby boy named Caleb.
Abdiel 's attendants
  • Ariel Glaze, Groomsman
    Ariel has the 3rd oldest of the Glaze brothers has seen Abdiel grow from an immature playful little kid, to a full grown immature playful adult. He was the main protector when Abdiel would get bullied at school in his younger years. Ariel recently graduated from nursing school and we couldn't be more proud and excited for him. He and his wife Krsitine are currently living in the LA area.
  • Ivan Glaze, Best Man
    The oldest of the Glaze brothers and their leader, Ivan has always been a good role model for Abdiel as well as a source of advice and wisdom. Ivan has really helped and influence Abdiel into becoming the man he is today.
  • Ernesto Mosely, Groomsman
    Ernesto is Abdiel's cousin but might as well be called a brother, he and Abdiel are the same age and grew up very closely in Panama. They have many childhood memories together from getting into trouble and being grounded together to going to church together for guidance on becoming better people. Ernesto might be the next one to join the ball and chain club soon after Abdiel and Bobbi Jo seal the deal.
  • Nicholas Burrington, Groomsman
    Nick is Bobbi Jo's one and only sibling. He is a golf pro in the Seattle area, and has been able to make a career out of his passion for golfing. He and Stasia are the proud parents to two cuddly cats Kiki and Momo, and are loving taking advantage of all the cultural experiences Seattle has to offer. Nick has been an incredibly supportive and helpful brother in the planning of this beautiful wedding and even went wedding dress shopping! He also helped fill the role of handyman, fixing things around Bobbi Jo's house, and putting together her Ikea furniture while Abdiel was deployed in the middle east.
  • Alex Glaze, Groomsman
    Alex is the second oldest of the Glaze brothers and is the very proud father of Cinzia Glaze (flower girl). He and Abdiel bond over video games and discussing the latest high tech gadgets. He and his wife Rica are living in the LA area.
  • Cinzia Glaze, Flower Girl
    Cinzia is the daughter of Alex and Rica Glaze, and is the cutest little girl ever. We are so lucky to have her as our flower girl!
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